Be careful when completing tasks on COVID stations. The former MP urges doctors and medical staff

Former MP from Parvatipuram and President of the Indian Society of Anesthetists-Vizianagaram, DVG Sankara Rao, on Saturday called on doctors, nurses and other medical staff to ensure maximum personal care when performing their duties in the COVID-19 wards. He was shocked at the deaths of former dean of the Maharaja Institute of Medical Sciences, Narayana Raju, and MIMS professor R. Varaprasad, who died of COVID-19 on Friday. Together with other doctors, he paid tribute to her and remembered her services.

“Last year both doctors expanded their services on the COVID-19 wards and this time supported many patients in getting beds and oxygen,” said Dr. Sankara Rao. Union Secretary PSV Rama Rao said the guidance from the deceased doctors helped many doctors update their knowledge.

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