The police create a “green channel” and ensure that the oxygen reaches GGH in time

When the Government General Hospital and two other hospitals in the city ran out of oxygen at 11 a.m. on Wednesday morning because the cryogenic tanker carrying liquid medical oxygen had not arrived, Anantapur police personnel made sure a tanker arrived on time for “Green Channel.” “.

The oxygen was loaded into the tanker of the Toranagallu oxygen-producing unit in Karnataka, which at 6 a.m. covered a distance of 150 km in three hours and reached the GGH at 9 a.m. Police made sure the vehicle wasn’t stopping anywhere and kept speed by clearing the traffic in advance.

To make sure there was a replacement driver, the police took one to the starting point and arranged for the food to be handed over to those in the tanker cabin in Vidapanakal.

Meanwhile, Anantapur Police Department has launched a new initiative to provide medical advice to police personnel in the district for pre- and post-COVID-19 management.

An experienced doctor from Government Medical College will be present daily from 7:30 am to 8:30 am at the Tele Medicine Center in the District Police Department. Police officers can call 6309913653 to clarify all aspects of COVID treatment.

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