Intensive care staff at two hospitals caught the sale of Remdesivir in black

Krishna District COVID Flight Command, led by Deputy Director of Drug Control Administration K. Raja Bhanu, set up a trap and arrested an employee at the city’s Srikara Hospital for allegedly giving remdesivir injections on the black market for £ 40,000 sold per vial.

Trap laid

According to a press release, Durg inspectors J. Balu, J. Vinodh and K. Suresh Kumar and Vigilance and Enforcement Inspector Ashok Kumar have received information about the sale of COVIFOR branded remdesivir by a Y. Sandesh who is in charge of the night on the Intensive care unit works Srikara Hospital set a trap and bought eight vials from him on Thursday. When questioned, Mr. Sandesh revealed that Srikara Hospital surgical technician A. Srinivasa Rao and Chikitsa Hospital intensive care technician T. Chinnakotaiah were also alleged to be illegally involved in selling the drug. Officials said the trio raised two vials for every eight vials by giving six vials to eight ICU patients.

The three defendants were handed over to the police.

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