ECI moves AP, Telangana MLC surveys

The Indian Electoral Commission on Thursday postponed the MLC elections due in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The terms of office of three members of the Legislative Council of Andhra Pradesh and six members of the Legislative Council of Telangana ran on May 31 and June 3, respectively, starting from 1951. The seats must be filled before the end of the term of office.

“The Commission examined the matter today and decided that with the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak in the country, it would be inappropriate to hold elections to the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana legislative councils every two years until the pandemic. It is improving significantly and the conditions for holding these biennial elections will be conducive, ”the ECI said in a statement.

It will make a decision at an “appropriate time in the future” after considering the contributions of the states concerned and assessing the situation of authorities such as national and state disaster control authorities.

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