APCPDCL suggests hospital for employees

Andhra Pradesh’s Central Power Distribution Corporation Limited (APCPDCL) has applied for government approval to build a 1,000-square-meter super specialty hospital on the Guntur Circle office grounds for use by discom employees and their families.

In a letter addressed to the Secretary of the Energy Department, the chairman and executive director of APCPDCL stated that the cost of constructing the building, equipment and infrastructure would be covered by funds generated by donations from employees and retirees.

He said no government or APCPDCL funds would be used to build the proposed super specialty hospital and said permission was only obtained to occupy 1,000 square feet of vacant land in the Guntur county office.

The need for the project was identified given the problems APCPDCL staff had in admitting their family members to hospitals, some of whom did not accept credit cards even though the hospitals were added to the list of companies, the letter said.

During these pandemic times, employees face issues such as unavailability of beds and adequate medical services, he added.

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