No subsiding in Nellore COVID deaths

While the number of COVID-related deaths in the SPSR Nellore district, which recorded eight deaths in the past 24 hours, did not decline, Prakasam also reported nine deaths, bringing the total death toll in Andhra on the south coast to 1,673 .

New cases

The active case count topped 31,000 in the region when 1,673 people in the SPSR Nellore district and 1,130 people in Prakasam fell ill with the disease, according to a health bulletin published by the state government.

The only positive aspect was that more than 2,300 patients were discharged after recovery thanks to 24-hour treatment by health professionals during the period.

SPSR Nellore collector KVN Chakradhar Rao and Police Superintendent Bhaskar Bhushan were alerted to the rapid and rapid spread of the disease and led large numbers of staff in the strict enforcement of the 18 hour curfew at the Nellore PRC center. Those who stepped out of their homes for no good reason were sent back.

Given that treating patients at home proved disadvantageous, the collector recommended that anyone who tested positive be admitted to COVID-19 Care Centers (CCCs), where their health can be monitored, or designated ones COVID hospitals. He attributed the late arrival of patients in serious condition to the recent increase in the death toll.

“Oxygen levels will not drop to alarming levels if only patients are treated for the first four days after testing positive,” he said.

The county government took steps to ensure the production of an additional 400 oxygen cylinders by revitalizing disused industrial facilities. Tests were carried out on over 7,500 people and the results were obtained within 24 hours, he added.

Fines imposed for missing a mask

In Ongole, Prakasam’s superintendent of police, Siddharth Kaushal, took to the streets and advised the public on the need to stay home during the curfew. District Police recorded 5,603 cases and fined those who did not wear a mask £ 11.67. Up to 147 vehicles were confiscated from perpetrators.

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