Allocation of funds to improve facilities in all governments. Hospitals: Vedika

Praja Arogya Vedika (PAV) has requested the release of a special interim budget by the state government to improve medical facilities from COVID-19 and non-COVID in all hospitals in the country.

In a letter to the Chief Minister, PAV Secretary General T. Kameswara Rao and President MV Ramanayya noted that a review carried out by PAV in the 13 counties of the state found that problems such as medication, oxygen supply and patient problems were occurring in all hospitals more or less the same. Given the growing number of COVID-19 cases, doctors and paramedical staff have become sick and depressed while performing their duties. Some of them were killed. Those responsible for PAV demanded that the vaccination program be carried out properly.

The state government should take the initiative and contact vaccine manufacturers directly for the supplies necessary for the state’s population. Measures should be taken to prevent oxygen starvation by building facilities not only in the district headquarters but also in all cities and providing oxygen beds to all those in need, they said.

The testing, tracking and treatment program should be carried out extensively and steps should be taken to ensure that test reports are not delayed. Social distancing education programs should be carried out extensively, and the spraying of sodium hypochlorite in public places, as was done last year, should be done in the second phase given the rapid spread of the disease.

They also sought to increase quarantine centers and permanent appointments of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff as the threat of a third wave lurked.

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