Control room set up in Penukonda

Given the increase in the number of COVID cases in the district’s Penukonda Revenue Division, Sub-Collector T. Nishanthi has set up a control room in Penukonda to receive complaints from the public.


In a statement on Sunday, Ms. Nishanthi said people could dial: 8374057927 and get an immediate response. The availability of oxygen-assisted beds is being closely monitored, she said.

She added that surveillance and control measures against the disease have been stepped up to contain the spread and awareness programs have been carried out in all Gramm panchayats, with the Tahsildars and other office workers taking the lead.

The second dose of the vaccine will be given in the district from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily from May 11 to May 31. Nobody will get the first dose, Joint Collector A. Siri said at a news conference in Anantapur on Sunday. People who want to receive the first dose must register in the CoWin app and book a slot from June 1st.

A message will be sent to anyone waiting for the second dose at the right time and will be notified by phone and message of where to go to receive their push. “People shouldn’t be gathering in large numbers at the vaccination centers,” she said.

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