Sharp increase in COVID deaths in AP

Andhra Pradesh reported 96 deaths from COVID, the highest daily number in the past eight and a half months, in the 24 hours leading up to Saturday morning. During the same period, 20,065 new infections were reported.

The toll rose to 8,615 and the cumulative number exceeded 12.5 lakh to reach 12,62,544.

After a long time, the number of patients recovered in one day was close to the number of new infections. On the previous day, 19,272 patients recovered and left 1,87,392 patients active. The recovery rate was 84.51% and the mortality rate was 0.68%.

Up to 1,0171 samples were tested and their positivity rate was 19.75%. The overall positivity rate of 1.72 crore samples increased to 7.33%.

West Godavari reported 14 new deaths, the highest number in a day. It was followed by Visakhapatnam, who reported 12 new deaths. Anantapur and Guntur each reported 10 new deaths, while Guntur and East Godavari reported nine each and Kurnool and Nellore each reported seven deaths. Chittoor reported six deaths, Kadapa five deaths, Krishna four and Srikakulam three. Prakasam reported no deaths the previous day.

Visakhapatnam and its neighboring East Godavari reported 2,525 and 2,370 new infections, respectively, last day. This was followed by Chittoor (2.269), Anantapur (1.74), Guntur (1.63), Nellore (1.515), Kurnool (1.421), Srikakulam (1.398), Kadapa (1.178), Krishna (1.127) and West Godavari (1.125 ), Prakasam (1,083) and Vizianagaram (650).

The district numbers are as follows: East Godavari (1,60,349), Chittoor (1,37,768), Guntur (1,18,423), West Godavari (1,08,640), Anantapur (96,738), Visakhapatnam (95,613), Nellore (91,323) ), Kurnool (91,130), Srikakulam (83,924), Prakasam (81,988), Kadapa (70,647), Krishna (68,718) and Vizianagaram (57,283).

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