‘Kala Jathas’ ensure the emotional well-being of the patient

Many psychoneuroimmunology experts believe that positive emotions can override the biological effects of adversity and improve immunity to any type of disease, and the experiment at the Kurnool APTIDCO COVID Care Center (CCC) has produced excellent results.

District collector G. Veerapandian came up with the idea of ​​organizing “Kala Jathas” by hiring a group of artists with PPE equipment to cheer up the COVID-19 patients in the evening in the COVID care centers.

And the results are encouraging when a patient posts feedback on social media about the positive impact of the district administration’s initiative after being discharged.

‘Kala Jathas’ are also organized in the CCCs in Adoni, Yemmiganur and Nandyal.

Once the artists arrive, all patients gather to enjoy their performance. The artists lace the songs with the mandatory awareness messages about COVID-19, ways to protect yourself, and post-release diet to accommodate nutritional needs.

The patient identified as Sunny compared the COVID Care Center to nothing less than a five-star hotel. He has even published photos of the games played, the hygienic conditions and the performance of the “Kala Jatha” artists.

“A regular visit to the doctors and their immediate response if necessary is appreciated by many. The high quality food, which is served three times a day, has won the hearts of patients, ”he emphasizes.

The district collector thanked the officers for their dedicated care of the patients. The positive feedback on the social media platforms guarantees that, he says.

The administration has set aside £ 4.5 lakh for the organization of the ‘Kala Jathas’ and the artists have received an advance.

The district tourism officer has been tasked with promoting these activities that help patients engage in singing, playing, yoga, or exercise.

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