Nine dead and several injured in an explosion in the limestone quarry in Kadapa district

A truck with gelatin sticks was blown off while the victims dumped the explosives

Nine day laborers were killed on the spot and several others were seriously injured in a deafening explosion when a truck carrying gelatin sticks was blown off while victims dumped the explosives in a limestone quarry in the village of Mamillapalle in Kalasapadu Mandal, Kadapa district Saturday morning .

Nearly two dozen workers from Pulivendula, Kasinayana and Badwel were reportedly on site when some of them were used to unload the explosives from the truck that reached the site from Badwel.

Suddenly there was a loud bang as the gelatin sticks made contact with the sides of the vehicle. Several bodies were torn to pieces and thrown fifty to one hundred feet away. The explosion was so strong that some parts of the body were trapped in the branches and bushes along the roadside of the wooded area.

Senior police and finance officials rushed to the scene from Pulivendula and Kadapa to take stock of the situation. The other workers as well as the villagers of the nearby hamlet informed the 108 ambulances and the police about the tragic incident. The injured were taken to Pulivendula hospitals.

A senior police officer said rescue operations had become very difficult because the quarry site was hidden in impassable terrain surrounded by forested areas in Kadapa, Kurnool and Prakasam districts. The toll should be higher, it was observed.

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