COVID patients sign up for yoga training

Up to 850 COVID-19 patients admitted to the Patrunivalasa COVID Care Center in the Srikakulam district have enthusiastically registered for courses on Prayanam, yoga and meditation.

Patients practice breathing techniques under the supervision of yoga teachers to improve their health.

Srikakulam collector J. Nivas, who regularly visited the center, said that yoga was a great way for everyone to stay fit and that practicing daily would lead to much better health in a short period of time. “Aside from yoga and pranayam, every patient is advised to get nutritious foods at the center,” he said.

Ravikumar, Nodal Officer of the COVID Care Center, and yoga expert Krishnakanth were delighted with the positive response from patients to the yoga training sessions.

“Many people lead a sedentary life due to the high workload. You barely have time to focus on physical fitness. Now you understand its meaning. Almost all patients attend yoga training early in the morning. I’m sure everyone will recover quickly and return to their homes in full fitness in no time, ”said Krishnakanth.

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