The Simhachalam Temple is slated to remain closed to devotees from May 10th to 15th

The Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple in Simhachalam is closed to devotees from May 10th to 15th.

This decision was made by Executive Officer MV Suryakala with the approval of the Trust Board at the request of the temple priests and with a view to the upcoming Chandanotsavam. The priests urged the authorities to restrict devotees’ entry during this time, taking into account their health.

The temple will be closed on all six days, but all rituals and pujas for the deity will take place as usual from Aradhana (morning) to Pavalimpu seva (night). The executive officer said that ‘Chandanotsavam’ would take place without a supporter.

The devotees were asked not to come on the hill between May 10th and 15th. Many temples in the state have already made a similar decision as the health of devotees and priests is a top priority. The supporters were asked to cooperate with the authorities.

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