RINL-VSP is preparing for the commissioning of the oxygen system

The RINL-VSP has intensified its efforts to bring the oxygen plant of Air Liquide India Holding Private Limited, France, which is currently in arbitration, into operation.

According to a message from the RINL, experts from the agency have already arrived on site to assess the health of the installed systems and machines, which would be followed by test trials with devices. Integrated test runs will later be carried out prior to commissioning and production of the LMO. The new facility will produce 100 tons of liquid medical oxygen.

The plant was built in 2010, but was not put into operation due to arbitration proceedings.

The RINL has already delivered around 3,050 tons of medical oxygen since April 13, and cumulative shipping has reached around 11,900 tons since the pandemic broke out in March last year.

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