Humans receive two different results for the COVID-19 test


In one stray incident, an asymptomatic man tested “positive” for COVID, only to learn that after a week he tested “negative” even without giving a second sample.

For reasons unknown, he received two test results for a single sample given 10 days ago.

The 29-year-old man, Sudheer (name changed), who lived in town with his elderly parents, tested positive on April 29. Then he went into self-isolation in one of the rooms in his house.

Sudheer easily handed in his sample at a primary health center (PHC) near him, as directed by the state’s COVID hotline 104.

After being stressed out with medication in isolation for a week, Mr. Sudheer decided to get tested soon and end the isolation. To his surprise and shock, the government sent him a message and a test report on Wednesday stating that he tested negative.

“A relative of my friend whom I met two weeks ago tested positive. To keep my parents safe, I contacted 104 and went to test. I gave the sample on the 25th in Patamata and after waiting anxiously the result was positive on the 29th. Another test report was sent to my cell phone six days later, stating that the result was negative, ”said Sudheer, a private employee.

“After looking through both test reports, I found that the sample IDs were different and the collection time varied by an hour on the same day. Similarly, the samples were tested six days apart and I understood that an additional sample was attached to my identity. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out what my actual sample was, ”he said.

“I spoke to 104 employees who told me that there were two test results under my aad hair. Even they couldn’t determine which was my sample and asked me to remain in isolation after a few days and have me retested, ”said Sudheer.

“I was glad the sampling process was good, but the result was delayed and mixed up, which kept me tense all these days. At the end of the day I was relieved that no one in the family had any symptoms, ”he added.


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