Tirumala Hundred’s income hits an all-time low

The Hill Temple of Lord Venkateswara posted a meager income of £ 39 on Tuesday – the lowest ever in the current calendar year.

Hundi Temple income, which hit a whopping 105 crore in March, fell to 62.62 crore in April, an average of just over 2 crore per day, and continued to plummet with the slash in darshan tickets just a few lakhs a day since the beginning of May

According to statistics, the Hundi has recorded 46 lakh, 78 lakh, 55 lakh and 39 lakh in the last four days of the month so far.

Officials fear that the 18-hour curfew imposed by the state government (to counter the sharp rise in the number of positive COVID cases) will continue to weigh on Hundi’s income, which is the main source of income for TTD, from Wednesday.

The curfew announcement will also affect the pilgrims’ turnout, which they say hit rock bottom on Tuesday. Only 4,723 pilgrims showed up on Tuesday, as opposed to 15,000 online darshan tickets made available to the public on a daily basis.

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