The judge in Anantapur dies of COVID at the age of 51


Fr. Tirumala Rao is survived by a son

The chief civil judge of Anantapur P. Tirumala Rao (51) died on Tuesday of a coronavirus infection.

A week ago he was admitted to the KIMS Saveera COVID hospital in Anantapur and exhaled his last breath during treatment. Tirumala Rao comes from Vuyyuru in Krishna District and has been a judge in Mehboobnagar, Nandyal, Kuppam and Tanuku since 2004.

He was brought before the Anantapur District Court three years ago. Tirumala Rao is divorced and is survived by a son.

He attended Lok Adalats in Anantapur and helped the District Legal Services Authority programs.

He played a key role in the Anantapur District Court’s 100th birthday celebrations on March 28th.


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