TDP has no right to talk about cooperatives: MLA

YSRCP MLA by Ponnur K. Rosaiah pushed aside the TDP’s allegations in handing over Sangam Dairy to Amul.

The TDP leaders had no moral right to talk about cooperatives as they were only ruined during the TDP tenure, Rosaiah told the media here on Wednesday.

Mr Rosaiah said: “It was the TDP leaders who robbed the dairy farmers by weakening the cooperative dairies. They accuse the government of being vengeful when taking action against those who committed irregularities. “

Dhulipalla case

The ACB officials had raided and arrested TDP leader and Sangam Dairy chairman Dhulipalla Narendra for corruption and diverting funds to the DVC Trust for personal use, the MLA said.

Although Sangam Dairy had been set up as a cooperative, Mr. Narendra had become chairman of the trust and operated it as his own company.

National President of the TDP and former Prime Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu had destroyed the cooperative dairies and closed Chittoor Dairy during her tenure just to protect the interests of its family-owned heritage group, the MLA claimed.

The TDP leaders had lost the right to speak about farmers’ welfare as well, as they failed to implement the loan waiver system during their government’s reign.

In order to fulfill his promise to increase dairy farmers’ incomes during his padayatra in the run-up to the elections, Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy signed an MoU with Amul, which the farmers already paid more than the other dairies.

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