The government’s decision to impose a partial lockdown was welcomed

Trade leaders and political figures are taking tough steps to contain the spread of COVID

Unions and political representatives on Monday welcomed the state government’s decision to impose a partial lockdown from Wednesday to curb the dangerous rise in COVID-19 cases.

According to a guideline issued by the government on Monday, all shops and businesses are only allowed to operate from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. People can only come out of their homes during these hours.

Lok Satta State Executive President Bhisetty Babji welcomed the decision, saying a lockdown was the order of the day amid the drastic spread of COVID-19 in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts, where over 3,000 new cases were reported daily.

“The government should immediately increase the bed strength as the existing COVID-19 hospitals are unable to treat all patients. The curfew announced by the government should be strictly implemented, ”he added.

In Vizianagaram, Balaji Market President B. Venkata Rao said that all shopkeepers have been advised to follow norms for physical distancing and proper sanitation of their premises. He said her market committee will ensure compliance with the state government’s new guidelines, which will come into effect on Wednesday.

“Death rate worrying”

Kinjarapu Shalini, director of the Sankalp Shivam Jeevan Seva Foundation, expressed concern about the death rate in Srikakulam district compared to other districts in the state.

“Because of the lack of beds, many patients are forced to stay at home in isolation. Some of them ignore the severity of the disease. This is one of the main reasons for the high death rate in Srikakulam. Fortunately, the curfew announced by the government may result in a drop in new cases, ”she said.

Srikakulam Chamber of Commerce deputy treasurer Perla Mahesh urged the district administration to minimize congestion in markets where more crowds could be expected due to limited trading hours.

“Despite the spread of COVID-19, little attention is paid to physical distancing in medical stores, grocery stores, and other locations. This is the main reason for the rapid spread of the virus in the Srikakulam district. The government should take tough action against those who violate the COVID-19 norms, ”he said.

Srikakulam District President Kalinga Komati Sangham, President Boina Govindarajulu, urged the government to give traders priority in vaccination coverage as many traders involved in the sale of essential goods had become victims of COVID-19. He expressed concern that the high onslaught in stores due to reduced business hours will put traders’ lives even more at risk.

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