People in Vijayawada are panicking for fear of another lockdown


As COVID cases increase day by day and the demand for lockdown increases, people queue up in stores to buy provisions and other requests for fear that the government might restrict the lockdown.

A strong rush could be observed at the ATMs and banks. The state government has announced a partial curfew from 12 noon to 5 a.m. in all districts from May 5.

People flooded Rythu bazaars, vegetable markets, makeshift shops and other facilities to hold stocks for fear of lockdown. Maintaining social distance and wearing masks and gloves in public were queued in grocery stores.

A heavy rush was seen in wholesale stores in One Town, Kaleswara Rao Market, Bhavanipuram, Kothapeta, Patamata and other areas on Tuesday.

“There is a possibility of a lockdown as COVID cases are on the rise. Many patients are dying from the dreaded virus and there is debate as to whether a lockdown needs to be imposed, ”said a housewife, C. Seetha, who was seen at Patama Rythu Bazaar.

There were long lines in the rice and oil mills and people buy provisions for the next three months. There was a huge rush at egg wholesalers, dried fruit stores and fruit stands.

Curfew like situation

In many locations in Krishna, West Godavari and East Godavari districts, an almost block-like situation was observed as police mobilized forces to prevent public gatherings and introduce curfews.

In the West Godavari district, the secretariat went door to door to identify positive cases and the first and second contacts in the villages. Barricades were placed in the security zones in Kalla, Bhimavaram, Undi, Palakol, Narsapuram and other mandalas.

Police stepped up patrol in Tanuku, Eluru, Polavaram, Kovvur, Jangareddygudem, Buttaigudem, Jeelugumilli, Rajamahendravaram and other locations, Eluru Range DIG KV Mohan Rao said.

Public announcements

In order to control the mobs in public places and intersections, the police warned people not to get out of houses and to move unnecessarily on the streets using public addressing systems. Police patrolled Bluecolts, Rakshak, Sodhana and other vehicles in Krishna District.

“There is no need to panic as essential services have been exempted from curfew. All medical shops, milk booths, drinking water kiosks and other emergency services remain open and we urge the public not to gather in shops, ”said one police officer.

“We have seniors at home and medical store owners have stopped handing out the drugs they need in a few days due to a shortage of stocks of some brands. So we do rounds in the medical supply stores to buy the emergency medication, ”said an engineering student V. Sriram.


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