The High Court dismisses pleas for the removal of Tirupati’s by-election

A division head of the Supreme Court of Andhra Pradesh, consisting of Judges Joymalya Bagchi and M. Ganga Rao, on Friday rejected the written petitions submitted by K. Ratna Prabha and Panabaka Lakshmi, in which the repeal of Lok in the constituency of Tirupati (SC) Sabha conducted by-election was requested on April 17th.

The court found that under Article 226 of the Constitution it cannot prejudice the completion of the electoral process and the electoral tribunal competent to resolve electoral disputes in constituencies of Parliament and the Assembly under the Law on the Representation of People (RP) it can evidence examine like a civil court and come to a conclusion after the trial.

In her petition, Ms. Ratna Prabha, the BJP candidate, alleged that the YSRCP’s by-elections had carried out large-scale fraudulent surveys and stand surveys as electoral officials remained silent bystanders and fell victim to the machinations of the ruling party .

There have been many cases of impersonation with legitimate voters and the lack of police barracks and checkpoints resulted in massive irregularities, she claimed.

The election therefore violates Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the Constitution and the RP Act, she noted.

Ms. Lakshmi, the TDP candidate, said government officials and police helped YSRCP leaders intimidate voters and cast votes from outsiders.

In addition, community and village volunteers had threatened people that if they did not vote for the YSRCP candidate, the benefits they received under various welfare systems would be withdrawn, she alleged. Citing various other electoral errors, she asked for it to be repeated.

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