“Chandanotsavam” will be performed in Simhachalam on May 14th


Devotees can join the event virtually by donating sandalwood paste to the deity

The annual ‘Chandanotsavam’ of the Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is organized on May 14th in Simhachalam. However, given the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic and the orders of the state government, the festival will be organized without supporters.

Hereditary Trustee Sanchaita Gajapati, Chief Executive Suryakala, and the Trust Board decided to give supporters the opportunity to participate virtually by donating to the deity “Chandanam” (sandalwood paste) and their “gotra” and names before the ‘Nijarupam’ Deity on auspicious day.

Followers can donate £ 10,116 and £ 20,116 to offer ½kg and 1kg of ‘Chandanam’, respectively. According to a statement from the temple on Monday, there is no limit to this offer of sandalwood paste as the deity is very fond of it.

The names and ‘gotras’ of devotees offering £ 1,116 are recited before the god on the day of ‘Chandanotsavam’. The £ 10,116 and £ 20,116 donors will receive a small piece of sandalwood called “Prasad” and a small piece of the Lord’s “Seshavastram” will also be sent to the £ 20,116 donors.

Those who send the above amount should send a screenshot, photo and ‘gotra namams’ to WhatsApp number 6303800736. You can contact the same number for more information.

Donations should be sent to: UPI ID: 9491000635 @ SBI or SBI account number 11257208642, IFCS code SBIN 0002795 *

Live broadcast

The festival will be broadcast live from Kalyana Mandapam that day. Donors can see the recitation of their names and ‘gotras’. Donations should be sent on or before May 13th.


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