The non-cooperation of private hospitals has been criticized

Chief Whip appeals to them to reconsider the decision and restart the COVID services

The threats of non-cooperation by private hospitals in Kadapa district have been sharply criticized by both the public and activists who have expressed their resentments on social media platforms.

There have also been fervent appeals to the government to take over the private hospitals and convert them to COVID hospitals in the face of the health emergency.

At a meeting called by the collector, chap. Hari Kiran and the common collector Saikant Varma on Friday, the representatives of the private hospital regretted the “few hours” of non-cooperation and pointed out their problems to him. Mr. Kiran assured them that if they obeyed the rules, no officer would knock on their doors.

The ruling of private hospitals came after a series of raids by the Police Department’s Special Enforcement Bureau on allegations of diversionating essential drugs and overloading certain diagnostic tests and treatment procedures. The local chapter of the IMA reportedly endorsed the non-cooperation decision as it complained about the raids, which even led to arrests.

Meanwhile, Chief Whip G. Srikanth Reddy appealed to private hospitals to reconsider their decision and restart COVID-19 services.

The government does not intend to penalize the hospitals but to ensure compliance with regulations regarding fees and quality standards.

“The government intends to make remdesivir injections available to the deserving poor, but they are flooding the free market. Some doctors are bringing disrepute to the Brotherhood by selling them for £ 30,000 to £ 70,000, which the government has known about. Your services will be recognized in due course, ”said Reddy at the inauguration of the TrueNat testing laboratory in Rayachoti.

TDP Politburo member R. Sreenivasa Reddy called the announcement at the crucial hour “unhappy” and appealed to the hospitals to reconsider their decision.

He said the county council and hospitals should discuss the issues instead of engaging in a tug of war.

The TDP leader also urged the state government not to resort to the harassment of the medical fraternity.

The government’s decision to consider an upward revision of tariffs set on certain drugs and procedures should limit the turmoil, he said.

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