KGH gets 60 more COVID beds

District collector V. Vinay Chand instructed officials on Thursday to set up an additional 60 beds at King George Hospital (KGH) to address the shortage.

Mr. Vinay Chand held a briefing meeting with doctors and tax officials in the chambers of the director of Andhra Medical College (AMC) on Thursday to discuss extending services to COVID-19 patients.

The collector said no COVID-19 patient should be made to wait outside of the hospital. He also made arrangements for the quick discharge of patients. He asked doctors about services for COVID patients with mild symptoms and in severe cases. Oxygen should only be given when needed, he said.

Dr. P. Mythili, Superintendent of KGH, announced to the collector that specialists, general practitioners, nurses, anesthesiologists, EKG and X-ray technicians and other personnel are required for the hospital.

The common collector P. Arun Babu and Dr. PV Sudhakar, Principal, AMC, were present.

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