The patient dies at ATMs as the hospital insists on cash payments


Alleged “pressure” by a company hospital to pay fees in cash reportedly resulted in the death of a patient in Rajam, Srikakulam district, on Wednesday.

58-year-old Anjani came to the hospital on Wednesday for admission. However, hospital authorities reportedly refused to pay online and transfer funds digitally.

The patient’s companions were forced to take her to several ATMs in an auto rickshaw to withdraw the amount, some of them running out of money. Before they could arrange the money, the patient died in the auto rickshaw. The driver of the car gave up the vehicle because he did not want to carry the body.

A local television reporter, Rajesh, Red Cross Volunteer Penki Chaitnya, then arranged a hearse to bring the body to Rajam’s hometown of VR Agrahram for cremation.


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