The health of our employees is our top priority, says RTC MD


Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation’s vice chairman and general manager RP Thakur said Thursday that the welfare of employees is a top priority for management in the current pandemic.

In a statement, he said that the main hospitals built in Vidyadharapuram should serve the medical needs of staff both on duty and in retirement. RTC staff from across the state visit this hospital for treatment. Doctors with certain specialties were not available in the hospital and in such cases patients were referred to private hospitals. The 30-bed hospital expanded medical care to nearly 250 employees a day, he said.

Regarding COVID, the hospital has been equipped with the oxygen facility and the patients have been referred to private hospitals. To ensure employee health safety, heat scanners were provided to each depot and those who showed symptoms were sent to the pharmacies and provided with COVID kits. Vaccination camps would be set up in every bus depot.

Mr. Thakur admitted that some of the staff died during treatment. “However, management has not neglected to expand medical services to employees who need them,” he clarified.

As of March this year, the Employees Health Scheme (EHS) has been introduced for 50,500 employees and their data has been submitted to the Aarogyasri Wing. “You will get your health cards right away,” he said.


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