Hospital MDs for patient overload

The COVID-19 task force, composed of investigators from the Department of Vigilance and Enforcement, the District of Medicine and Health, and the Drug Control Administration, arrested Ravibabu, the managing partner of the city’s SV Hospital, on Wednesday for overwork of patients and treating greater numbers of patients than allowed and abuse of remdesivir shares.

Meanwhile, a flight squad in Kurnool discovered similar inconsistencies in the treatment and charging of overcharging patients at Gayatri Hospital in the 4th city police on Tuesday evening. The police arrested the owner of the Jeelani Basha Hospital on Wednesday.

Y. Naga Prasad Babu, a member of Kurnool’s district-level flight command, filed a complaint with the police and reported on their findings that the hospital was overcharging and treating 50 patients while treating only 25, a discharge of Police Superintendent Fakkeerappa Kaginelli said.

The hospital had 52 vials of remdesivir injection while declaring only two and hoarding the rest, the complaint said.

In Anantapur, police superintendent B. Satya Yesu Babu told reporters on Wednesday evening that they had arrested Mr. Ravibabu and will send him to custody after they brought him to court. The flight group had found gross violations of Aarogyasri rules and conditions for treating COVID-19 patients Tuesday night by charging £ 25,000 from ICU patients at £ 10,000 per day.

The hospital was authorized to treat only seven patients, but treated more than 25 patients and refused treatment on Aarogyasri despite eligible patients.

“They tortured the patients on behalf of private treatment and charged unusually high prices for remdesivir and had excess inventory than reported for the seven patients,” he said.

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