Guntur police bust Remdesivir thugs


Guntur City Police cracked a racket here on Wednesday involving medical agents and drug wholesalers selling Remdesivir on the black market.

The state government had ordered that Remdesivir could only be sold in licensed hospitals and prohibited over-the-counter sales.

However, some individuals and companies hoping to capitalize on demand for the drug began hoarding it and selling it on the black market.

“After reports of the rampant black marketing of the injection vials, the police opened an investigation. Kothapet SHO Rajasekhara Reddy led a deception operation in which the police followed the chain of black marketeers. A stab operation was performed and the police managed to strike a deal with Ankamma Rao for getting six vials for £ 2.28. After Ankamma Rao was taken into custody, he disclosed details of his operation. Police later arrested Ratna Raju, who confessed that he had bought the injections from Nune Gurnadham for £ 26,000 apiece, and who admitted that he had obtained them from a pharmacy at the Guntur Kidney Care Center, where Krishnaveni had a salesperson each Injection sold for £ 20,000 apiece, ”Ammireddy said.

The SP warned that tough measures would be taken against anyone resorting to the illicit marketing of Remdesivir.


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