Four family members commit suicide in Nandyal


Four family members allegedly committed suicide in the city of Nandyal by consuming toxic substances in the early hours of Wednesday that were reported to have been unable to repay their debts.

According to Nandyal Police, 37-year-old Maccha Chandrasekhar from Maldarpeta, originally a goldsmith by trade, had closed his business five years ago and turned to real estate, reportedly taking out huge loans.

On Wednesday morning, when his nephew, who usually picks up Chandrasekhar’s daughter to drop her off at her school, received no response, he alerted the neighbors.

The neighbors, who peered through the windows, reportedly saw four bodies lying on the floor and informed the police. Those who died included Rajasekhar, his wife Kalavathi (32), daughters Anjani (15) and Akhila (13).

The family members told police that Chandrasekhar built and sold a house and later started building another house and borrowed nearly £ 80. It is believed that the financial crisis since COVID-19 last year and its inability to repay the loans may have pushed the family to the extreme.

The Nandyal Police Department has recorded and investigated a case.

There is always someone to talk to by dialing 100 or 112. Via WhatsApp: 7777877722 in the Kurnool district.


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