Please allow the “free” RTC employees to register in the attendance list


The AP Public Transport Department (APPTD) workers’ union leaders on Tuesday urged RP Thakur, vice chairman and chief executive officer, to approve “replacements” after RTC services were reduced due to insufficient occupancy on COVID effects, to visit the office regularly.

In a statement, Union State President YV Rao and General Secretary P. Damodar Rao said that due to the pandemic, people had largely stopped using public transport, requiring a reduction in the number of RTC services. The employees in connection with the canceled bus connections were asked on the phone not to come to work because they had been granted vacation. This had raised concerns about their job security among employees.

They said during the first round of COVID the “replacement staff” in transport services and garages had been adjusted and they had to sign the template. The union leaders urged the authorities concerned to now follow a similar system that would give them confidence.


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