Minister insists on quality work in Nadu-Nedu


Education Minister A. Suresh said Wednesday that the quality of work that Nadu-Nedu has undertaken at junior colleges should not be compromised.

In a video conference, he said that in addition to schools, junior colleges were also included in the second phase of the program. Of the 16,345 educational institutions that would get a facelift this round, 473 are junior colleges, he said.

The minister said all work would begin under the supervision of the college’s development committees to ensure transparency and accountability. Officials should coordinate their roles and ensure that the work is completed before the deadline set, he said.

‘Postpone work’

The leaders of the Andhra Pradesh United Teachers’ Federation (UTF) have asked the government to postpone implementation of the second phase of the Nadu Nedu program for at least three months in light of the rapid spread of COVID-19.

In a statement, Federal President N. Venkateswarlu and Secretary General KSS Prasad noted that due to the unprecedented virus crisis, the government will complete the academic year for students in grades 1 to 9 and also holidays dated for 10th grade Announced May 1st. Up to 1,700 teachers have so far been affected by the virus, 122 of whom succumbed to the virus.

They said that although it was claimed that the Parents Committee would take responsibility for the work started under this program, the reality was that all the workload was borne by the school principals. They have been unable to balance the curriculum and implementation of government programs and have been under immense pressure, leaders said.


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