Coronavirus | Getting a bed is still difficult in Guntur and Vijayawada


People affected by COVID-19 still struggle to get beds, even in private city hospitals. State hospitals are experiencing acute staff shortages and a notice of temporary recruitment was recently published.

“After searching in vain for beds in private hospitals, we were finally accepted into the state-run treatment facility of the Pinnamaneni Sidhartha Medical College. This facility has few staff and there is no one to look after us. Despite the oxygen supply, my wife’s oxygen level dropped to the 70s and she was also mentally reduced. Assurance from a doctor or medical staff would help her recover. Now we are trying to get admitted to a private hospital, which has also become a difficult task, ”said Murthy (name changed).

“One of my relatives needs treatment. Since the state hospitals are full, we are looking for a bed in a private hospital in Guntur or Vijayawada. We have consulted several private hospitals that are listed by the government on their website. So far, all hospitals have reported that their intensive care and oxygen beds are full. The government needs to develop a much better system of allocating beds to those in need. The hotline 104 responded, but even after waiting 30 minutes on the line, we were not connected to a doctor or hospital, ”said M. Raju, a resident of Guntur town.


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