Man forced to carry COVID positive mother’s body on bike


A youth, with the help of his friend, carried his mother’s body, who reportedly tested positive for coronavirus, on a bicycle from a private hospital in the town of Palasa-Kasibugga to his home village of Killoy on Monday when ambulance drivers reportedly refused to move the body .

Ms. G. Chenchula, 50, was hospitalized from Killoy, 20 km from the city of Palasa-Kasibugga. She is said to have died before the start of treatment. When she tested positive for COVID, the hospital reportedly refused to organize an ambulance to take the body to her home village. The son had no choice but to carry the body with his friend on a bicycle.

IRCS offers services

Meanwhile, the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) urged people in need to turn to their volunteers for help with relocating bodies for cremation.

IRCS chairman P. Jaganmohana Rao said the IRCS had set up special teams to help those who were unable to organize vehicles and ambulances for moving patients to hospitals and moving bodies to a crematorium .

He urged all hospitals to give volunteers’ phone numbers to people who need ambulances.


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