The staff of the COVID hospitals explained how fire breakdowns can be avoided


On Monday, officials from the AP State Disaster Response and Fire Services (APSDRFS) worked with the Electrical Inspection Department to organize an awareness program for technicians at COVID hospitals to prevent fire breakdowns.

The program was aimed at taking steps to prevent electrical short circuits, evacuate patients from general wards and intensive care units, and periodically check electrical connections, said G. Srinivasulu, Regional Fire Officer (RFO) for the fire department.

Attendees focused on power outages leading to hospital fire accidents, loose connections, use of poor standard material, proper power distribution to avoid overload, and ensuring proper grounding, according to the RFO.

“Ten fire accidents occurred in COVID hospitals, three each in Mumbai and Gujarat, one each in Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. A similar fire incident occurred at a COVID hospital in Iraq. According to the case studies recorded by APSDRFS, nine mishaps occurred due to a power failure, ”explained Srinivasulu.

Deputy Chief Electrical Engineer Sunil Kumar explained how fire accidents due to electrical circuit failure can be prevented. He asked hospital management, electrical and plumbing staff not to keep disinfectants near the electrical boards and panels.

“Power fluctuations occur due to an overload in the early hours of the morning, which leads to electrical short circuits. Electrical engineers, supervisors, electricians and support staff should be vigilant early in the morning, ”said Sunil Kumar.

Uday Kumar, RFO for Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC), explained how life-sustaining patients can be transferred during a fire.

District firefighter (DFO) M. Srinivas Reddy recommended the COVID hospital management to provide a security room with good access on all floors for easy evacuation and to prevent human harm.

Additional DFO Sekhar and other staff attended.


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