Lack of funds a concern for officials

Preparations are being made to combat the second wave of COVID-19, which has already spread very quickly in Kurnool and Anantapur districts. The number of active patients rose from a single-digit number 25 days ago to 3,440 in Anantapur and 6,302 in Kurnool district on Thursday shaking the spine of the common man.

Although district and Department of Health officials are confident, given their previous experience, that they are handling the situation well from testing to treatment, their only concern is that funds will be available to rent personal vehicle services, equipment, and food delivery Centers are scarce at COVID Care. Many private hospitals that treated COVID-19 patients under the Arogyasri program last year are currently showing no interest in non-payment of bills.

Anantapur District has 1,100 beds in the COVID care centers on the JNTU campus and in four other main sales department offices.

Collector Gandham Chandrudu says 18 hospitals have been approved to treat COVID-19 patients, including 12 private hospitals such as KIMS Saveera and RDT, Bathalapalli.

There are currently a total of 1,900 beds and 4,500 more are being prepared, while 165 are available in the GGH, Anantapur and 300 in the Superspeciality Hospital with 43 ventilators. Nearly 1,200 oxygen-assisted hospital beds and 161 ventilators are available across the district in both government and private sectors.

The collector warns of strict measures against the private hospitals that treat patients without authorization or charge fees beyond the fee set by the state government.

On average, the district ran 6,000 tests a day, he says.

Facilities in Kurnool

In Kurnool, three COVID care centers – one each in the TIDCO residential complexes in Adoni (300 beds), Nandyal (300) and Kurnool (400) – were put into operation. In addition to the state hospitals in Kurnool, Adoni and Nandyal, eight private hospitals are also treated. The Kurnool GGH has 200 ventilators and 10 each in Nandyal and Adoni.

Kurnool District Medical and Health Officer Rama Giddaiah said many health professionals and health professionals have adjusted positively to the new mutated version of the virus despite being vaccinated more than a month ago. The cause for concern is “reinfection” in many people who had recovered the COVID-19 virus after treatment and who tested positive in the past week.

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