Energy suppliers asked for an uninterrupted supply of the hospitals

Energy Minister N. Srikant has instructed utilities and their staff to ensure uninterrupted supplies to hospitals and COVID care and vaccination centers dealing with the second wave of the pandemic.

In a review meeting on Sunday, Mr Srikant said the focus should be on the hospitals where large numbers of COVID-19 patients have been treated and hundreds of them have been given ventilators. These hospitals had around 4,000 ventilators, he said.

“The state also has more than 500 Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana – hospitals with staff that care for the COVID-19 patients,” he said.

The power supply to all these hospitals should not be interrupted, he made clear.

APEPDCL, APSPDCL and APCPDCL supply hospitals, including the COVID Care Centers, with 9.20 MU, 6.80 MU and 1.24 MU, respectively, per year.

As a result of the pandemic outbreak last fiscal year, revenues from the industrial and commercial sectors have declined, he said. “But the government has come to the rescue of utilities who lost around 4,300 crore in subsidies of 17,904 crore in 2019-20,” he said.

The energy suppliers should continuously monitor the operation of the distribution transformers and the maintenance work according to the checklist in order to avoid inconvenience for the consumers.

While Mr Srikant urged the staff, mostly the sales force, to face the opportunity, he advised them to take precautions to save themselves from the pandemic.

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