40,000 Covishield cans are arriving in the Anantapur district today


The district, which has so far vaccinated 3.80 lakh (first dose), is expected to receive an additional 40,000 doses of Covishield on Monday morning.

Officials are preparing to vaccinate the remaining frontline workers and those who need the second dose.

District Medical and Health Medical Officer Y. Kameswara Prasad said another tranche of Covaxin is expected to reach Anantapur soon, and that will be reserved for those who need the second dose. From now on, no one will be given the first dose of Covaxin.

“We have the staff and infrastructure ready to use the 40,000 cans,” added Dr. Prasad added.

“People are calling the DMHO office to find out when the vaccine will be available. The reluctance to see the shock initially has subsided as the number of cases increases rapidly, ”he noted.

“The state received 4 lakh cans. The vehicle with 40,000 doses assigned to the district is expected to arrive at 9:00 am from Vijayawada to Anantapur via Kadapa and Kurnool, ”said District Vaccination Officer K. Gangadhar Reddy.

“As soon as the cans reach our office, they will be sent to all PHCs and other designated satellite vaccination centers by evening. If the vaccine is reached by Monday morning, we will start the vaccination campaign on Tuesday, ”said the DMHO.

Meanwhile, the district administration on Sunday notified 22 more private hospitals of treatment for COVID-19, in addition to the existing 18 hospitals in both the state and private sectors.

Of 1,818 beds in 18 hospitals, 1,074 are free. Of 5,420 beds in nine COVID care centers. 5,251 are available.


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