Virus claims 10 lives in South Coastal AP

There was no break from COVID-19 for the people of the south coast of Andhra Pradesh as the coronavirus claimed 10 more lives in 24 hours while the number of active cases topped 10,000.

Nellore district reported six deaths, while Prakasam district recorded four deaths in the last 24 hours that ended at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, bringing the total death toll in the area to 1,172.

Healthcare professionals have had a tough time as patients with serious health problems flocked to the government and other designated private hospitals.

The cumulative number increased to 1,39,716 as 949 people tested positive in the past 24 hours in Nellore district and 370 patients in Prakasam district. Up to 483 patients, including 363 in Nellore, recovered during the reporting period.

While reviewing the situation in Nellore, Minister of Irrigation P. Anil Kumar Yadav noted that the demand for beds with oxygen systems was increasing in the 21 designated COVID-19 hospitals.

“All public health centers and community health centers are equipped to treat COVID-19 patients. The health administration is prepared to cope with the increase in new cases, ”said the minister.

Shortage of staff

When he discovered that the Government General Hospital was in short supply, he asked the concerned authorities to immediately dispatch an assistant professor from a private teaching hospital in Nellore and six home surgeons.

Mr. Anil Kumar wanted people with mild symptoms to be treated from home and left the hospitals for more severe cases.

He expressed his displeasure at the delay in the sample results and asked officials to ensure that the results are reported within 24 hours. He also warned that action would be taken against government officials to monitor the private hospitals that are overwhelming patients.

COVID care centers

In the Prakasam district, the district government set up COVID care centers in Ongole, Kandukur, Markapur, and Chirala, as well as other locations, to address the increasing number of asymptomatic cases.

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