State watches 38 deaths and 11,766 new cases

The pandemic curve reached a new high in the state, with the daily number of COVID-19 infections reaching 11,766 in the 24 hours ending Friday morning. 38 deaths were reported during the reporting period.

The last high of 10,830 new cases was reported eight months ago on August 26, 2020, 168 days after the first infection was confirmed in the state.

The incidence of infections is rapid during the second wave. The new peak was reached in 68 days after the first wave flattened out in mid-February of this year.

The cumulative number exceeded 10 lakh in 408 days and was 10.09.228.

Recovery rate

Although 4,441 patients recovered on the final day, the recovery rate decreased to 91.89%. The number of recoveries reached 9,27,418, keeping 74,231 cases active. The death toll reached 7,579 and the death rate was 0.75%.

The most recent lakh infections were reported within 18 days (as of April 6) and only 6.41 lakh samples were tested to detect them. The positivity rate for these tests was 15.06%. The silver lining was that only 335 of them died.

Previously, the state had tested 76.2 lakh samples to determine a lakh fall (9th lakh) in 158 days, and their positivity rate was only 1.31%. The overall positivity rate of the 1,588 Crore samples tested so far was 6.35% and that of the 45,581 samples tested on the last day was an all-time high of 25.8%.

Of the most recent 1 lakh cases, over 40% were from three districts – Chittoor (15,917), Guntur (13,391) and Srikakulam (10,900).

Of the 38 deaths, Nellore reported six and Chittoor reported five. The toll in other districts was as follows: Srikakulam, Kurnool, East Godavari, Krishna and Prakasam (4 each), Visakhapatnam (3) and Guntur and Vizianagaram (2 each). There were no deaths in three counties.

Chittoor’s daily record

Chittoor again reported the highest daily number of 1,885 cases. This was followed by Guntur (1,593), Anantapur (1,201), Kurnool (1,180), Srikakulam (1,052), Nellore (949), Visakhapatnam (910), Krishna (831), East Godavari (796), Vizianagaram (448), Prakasam ( 370), Kadapa (361) and West Godavari (190).

East Godavari, Chittoor, West Godavari, Guntur and Anantapur accounted for 50% of the 10 lakh infections reported so far.

The district numbers were as follows: East Godavari (1,33,407), Chittoor (1,07,038), West Godavari (95,643), Guntur 92,725), Anantapur (74,723), Nellore (72,137), Visakhapatnam (71,739), Kurnool (70,822 ), Prakasam (67,579), Kadapa (59,655), Srikakulam (57,857), Krishna (57,547) and Vizianagaram (45,461).

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