Coronavirus | APSRTC for changing bus timetables


AP State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) vice chairman and general manager RP Thakur instructed officials on Thursday to revise bus operation schedules as fewer and fewer people choose to use public transport given the severity of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Mr Thakur reviewed the problems that arose from the thrust in positive cases and instructed officers to change the operation plans, focusing on key issues such as operating costs and occupancy rates.

In the event of a bus service being canceled or two routes being merged, customers should be notified of the change through phone calls, Thakur said.

Intergovernmental Services

He said the interstate bus service to Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Odisha will continue according to the standards.

He also said the arrears for the retired employees would be paid on April 27th and 30th.

Mr Thakur urged the regional managers and depot managers to ensure that their respective offices and bus stops strictly adhere to COVID protocols. “Make sure people wear masks, maintain physical distance, and adhere to hand-washing hygiene,” he said.


You should also make sure officials and staff over 45 have been given the vaccine, he said. You should also let them know of the government’s decision to vaccinate everyone over the age of 18 from May 1.

The regional managers should oversee the vaccination process to staff and distribute two-layer masks to all staff. Mr Thakur said the bus crew should ensure commuters behave appropriately for COVID. Employees infected with the virus would be granted 14-day special leave for the quarantine period, he added.

Mr Thakur also directed officials to focus on revenue-generating models like identifying RTC properties that could be leashed for building gasoline pumps.

The responsible APSRTC Executive Director (Administration) P. Krishna Mohan, the CFO Sudhakar, the traffic manager Chandra Sekhar, the HR manager D. Samrajyam and the deputy traffic manager Usha Rani were present.


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