Lockdown-like situation in Srikakulam when people stay inside


With the rapid spread of COVID-19, with people preferring to stay indoors even during peak business hours, the district headquarters is in a lockdown-like situation.

There is little traffic on the busy GT Road, Palakonda Road, intersection 7 Road, the day and night intersection and other places. More than 600 new COVID-19 cases are reported here every day after many employees and workers returned in various parts of the country, including New Delhi and Mumbai, where the situation has worsened. Up to 7,400 active COVID cases have been identified in the district.

Collector J. Nivas and Revenue Divisional Officer I. Kishore have asked retailers to take security precautions for COVID-19 in their respective premises and to close shops until 6 p.m. every day. They also directed cinemas to limit shows until the afternoon to prevent people from moving around town after 6pm.

Mr Nivas said the second dose of vaccine was given priority given that many elderly people were at risk.

Meanwhile, the rush of devotees to the Arasavalli Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple, Shiva Balaji Temple, Vinayaka Panchayatana Alayam, and other temples has also decreased significantly. Arasavalli temple authorities have decided to cancel darshan until May 20th in light of the pandemic.

Vinayaka Panchayatana Alayam’s priest, Vanamali Venkataramana Sarma Vajulu, has urged devotees not to spend much time in temples as it could lead to the spread of infection. Following the COVID-19 protocol would also protect priests as many of them fell victim to the virus last year.

TDP chief Madarapu Venkatesh has asked the government to improve bed strength in COVID hospitals as many patients have struggled to get treatment.


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