Four of them were held for sale of remdesivir injections on the black market

City police arrested four employees working in a private hospital on Wednesday for allegedly selling remdesivir injections, which are intended to be used to treat critically ill COVID-19 patients, on the black market at highly inflated prices.

The defendants were identified as N. Sarweswara Rao, 34, housekeeper, I. Venkat Rao, 23, housekeeper, S. Sindhuja, 23, and G. Divya Krupa, 22, both nurses in a city hospital.

At a press conference here on Wednesday, Deputy Police Commissioner (Eastern Subdivision) Harshitha Chandra said that Sarweswara Rao was hospitalized on March 31st and discharged on April 13th after a positive COVID-19 test. He stole three injections of remdesivir and sold them to one person at a high price.

The defendant later joined Venkat Rao and nurses Sindhuja and Divya Krupa, from whom he received six injections. Police said the defendant sold them to a man named Vasu for £ 7,000 an injection.

The cases were booked and after they were arrested, police took back one injection of remdesivir and two cell phones from them.

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