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While TNSF members cut a cake on the SVU campus, the TDP leaders in Alipiri prayed for his health

TDP National President N. Chandrababu Naidu’s 71st birthday was grandly celebrated on Tuesday at his alma mater, Sri Venkateswara University, while senior party leaders gathered in Alipiri, at the foot of the Tirumala Hills, and for his health and longevity prayed.

Students and academics under the banner of the party’s student wing, the Telugu Nadu Students Federation (TNSF), met in the university library building and took the opportunity to cut a cake.

They remembered how Mr. Naidu started his career as a student leader from campus to establish himself as a “global leader known for his administrative skills.”

The heads of state of Telugu Yuvatha, N. Seshadri Naidu and P. Sapthagiri Prasad, attended.

Party leaders, led by the responsible constituency M. Sugunamma, gathered in small numbers in Alipiri Padala Mandapam regarding COVID-19 guidelines and broke coconuts while praying for the health of Mr. Naidu.

As part of the celebrations, they handed out face masks and ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) packages to the devotees who were hiking to Tirumala.

Kalava Srinivasulu, president of the constituency of TDP Anantapur, celebrated his birthday in Anantapur and said Mr. Naidu is an inspiration to the youth. Uravakonda MLA Pyyavula Keshav and former Anantapur Urban MLA Vykuntham Prabhakar Chowdary said that Mr. Naidu was the hope for the oppressed.

In Kurnool, District President Somisetty Venkateswarlu, MLC KE Prabhakar and the relevant constituency of the Kurnool Parliament, TG Bharat, distributed vegetables, masks and buttermilk to the public in the street after cutting a cake in the party office.

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