Two fake police officers arrested


Two scammers posing as police officers allegedly extorting money from many government officials were arrested on Tuesday. The defendants were involved in more than 25 cases each, said Mallika Garg, additional superintendent of police (ASP) in Krishna District.

The defendants were identified as Rachampalli Srinivasulu alias Mangali Srinu from Ananthapur District and Nuteti Jaya Krishna. The defendant’s approach was impersonating police officers, threatening government officials with booking corruption cases and allegedly demanding ransom from them, Ms. Garg said.

At a press conference, the ASP said Srinu and Jaya Krishna had seen news online in various districts about ACB traps and vigilance raids. They later called the officers, introduced themselves as ACB and vigilance and enforcement officers, and threatened to raid and book cases against them.

The defendant allegedly demanded huge sums from the officers and promised to stop the raids. Srinu and Jaya Krishna have resorted to several such cases in the past few years, Ms. Garg said.

“The defendants have also been involved in many chain robberies, thefts and other cases,” said Machilipatnam, deputy superintendent of police Ramesh Reddy.


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