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P. Sugunavathi has been appointed digital assistant in the CPO

The daughter of a Jogini was appointed as an outsourced digital assistant in the office of the Chief Planning Officer in Anantapur as a rehabilitation measure after she and her husband submitted a representation to the state government by Anantapur Collector.

Rehabilitation measures

A Bsc. The graduate P. Sugunavathi and her husband N. Bhaskar accepted the appointment from the collector Gandham Chandrudu on Monday. She had applied to the government two years ago after they got married, but it took time to get approved.

Finally, under the fill criteria for “backlog items”, the collector authorized the CPO to appoint Sugunavathi as the digital assistant through the Andhra Pradesh Corporation for Outsourced Services (APCOS).

The couple from the Marlamadiki village of Holagunda Mandal had suffered from a lack of work and had done some odd jobs to make a living. “We are indebted to the collector for making a living for us,” said Ms. Sugunavathi The Hindu.

The Devadasi system, the Jogini system and the Basavini system are widespread in several mandals in the districts of Kurnool and Anantapur.

The government is taking every step to rehabilitate them by making a living, Chandrudu said.

During the COVID-induced lockdown last July, they were provided with 1,750 kits of food grains and other essentials from the Sri Sathya Sai Trust district administration.

Each kit contained 25 kg of rice, 5 kg of wheat flour, lentils, oil and a saree.

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