30% rice harvested in East Godavari: Minister


State government. 120 more paddy harvesters available to speed up the process

Agriculture Minister Kurasala Kannababu claimed Monday that nearly 30% of the rice harvest in the current rabi season has been completed across East Godavari district.

In a briefing meeting with officials from the Department of Agriculture here, Mr. Kannababu assured that the Polavaram project authorities would continue to deliver water from the Godavari to save the rice harvest in the district. According to the actual schedule, the water should be stopped from April 1st by Godavari at the Polavaram project site.

“There are up to 414 paddy harvesters in operation in the East Godavari district and an additional 120 harvesters would be available within a few days to accelerate activity. The paddy yield per acre is 46 bags (80 kg each) per acre, ”said Kannababu.

The Minister of Agriculture has announced that Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will reimburse the interest paid by farmers on the crop loans in the Rabi season 2020-21 on Tuesday.

“Up to 39,671 farmers receive reimbursement of the interest they have paid on crop loans. The government will pay £ 6.3 million in interest on the crop loan to farmers in East Godavari district, ”Kannababu said.


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