YSRCP reduced Bypoll to a farce: Congress

Congressional Labor President N. Thulasi Reddy said on Sunday that the YSRCP had reduced the by-election for the Tirupati Lok Sabha seat to a farce.

“It was a broad daylight murder of democracy in which the leaders of the ruling party unleashed total anarchy,” he said in a statement.

He said thousands of “wrong voters” had been brought in buses and other vehicles that resorted to grossly violating the election code.

In several places the opposition party leaders had caught dozens of “false voters” in the act, queuing in front of the polling stations with forged voting cards. They couldn’t say their names or their parents’ names, he said.

The chairman of the Congress said there was no point in holding such elections and appealed to the Central Electoral Commission to hold a new by-poll in Tirupati, under the strict security of the central forces and by including headquarters staff in the polling stations. This is important to ensure free and fair elections.

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