TDP branding pilgrims as bogus voters: YSRCP


The general secretary of the YSRCP, L. Appi Reddy, called on K. Vijayanand, the election officer of the AP, on Saturday to take action against the national TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu and his party leaders in Tirupati, because they had the by-election for the Tirupati Lok Sabha ” disturbed “have seat.

In a letter to the CEO, Appi Reddy alleged that former TDP MLA M. Sugunamma and former TUDA chair G. Narasimha Yadav disrupted the vote and misled voters by making false accusations against the YSRCP.

“They created a nuisance at the PLR ​​Convention Center where they branded pilgrims as bogus voters and tried to get them off their buses,” YSRCP leaders claimed.

Some television networks have also misled people by claiming that the YSRCP brought in large numbers of false voters to rig the elections, claimed Appi Reddy.

If the pilgrims had been bogus voters, as the TDP claims, they would have been identified in the polling stations, he said.

The CEO should inquire about the episode and take action against Mr Naidu and his party leaders, the YSRCP leader urged.


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