Active cases touch 5,990 in South Coastal AP


Four more people succumbed to the dreaded disease on the south coast of Andhra Pradesh within 24 hours, while the number of new cases hit 911 in the two districts of Nellore and Prakasam.

SPSR Nellore district registered 597 new cases while Prakasam district registered 314 cases. That brought the total number of coronovirus cases in the region to 1.33,585 and the number of active cases to 5,990. The SPSR Nellore district had 67,600 cases and the Prakasam district had 65,985 cases.

With four deaths, all in SPSR Nellore district, the death toll rose to 538. With zero deaths, Prakasam’s death toll remained unchanged at 592, according to a health bulletin published by the state government on Sunday evening.

During the reporting period, 241 patients recovered from the disease in SPSR Nellore district and an additional 90 patients in Prakasam district.

Those who wanted to get vaccinated had to wait another day as health officials didn’t refill vaccine doses from the center until Sunday. The vaccination campaign is due to resume on Monday, health officials said.

“We received 35,000 doses of vaccine and these were sent to the public health centers,” said Prakasam District Medical and Health Officer Fr. Ratnavalli after overseeing the vaccination campaign.


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