Free municipal waste, RMC speaks to the public


Rajamahendravaram Municipal Corporation (RMC) commissioner M. Abhishikth Kishor announced on Friday that the city will soon be “garbage free” and that households should separate dry and wet garbage on the ground floor before handing it over to plumbing staff.

In a meeting with plumbing supervisors, community organizers, and other city officials, Mr. Abhishikth asked the public to coordinate with the city council to receive the City Without Litter Award.

“The waste bins have already been removed in the 36 of the 50 stations, and the remaining bins are being removed gradually. The plumbing staff will only collect the separated household waste, ”said Abhishikth Kishore.

The initiative is being implemented as part of the Clean Andhra Pradesh Mission. Municipal Health Officer Dr.A. Vinootna and other officials were present.


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